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Arriving in Istanbul
Arriving in Istanbul

Thursday 20 January 2022

After a full day exploring a new part of London, we took the coach to Stansted. We were on the last flight out and heading to Istanbul.
The plan was to sleep on the flight, but that was just not possible.
By the time we reached Istanbul and cleared passport control, it was eight-thirty local time, and we had not slept for twenty-one hours. We still had to get from the Airport to our hotel, which would involve an hour on the bus and a five-kilometre walk through the unfamiliar streets of Instanbul.
The Havabus dropped us at Taksim Square, which looked nothing like a square and more like a street with a bus stop. Susan spotted a Cafe Nero, and we decided to have a coffee and get our bearings before heading off on our walk across the city.
Our route took us near the famous Galata Tower, but we were just too tired to take a detour and continued down to the waterfront, known as the Golden Horn, and over the Galata Bridge to the Faith. The oldest part of the city and the area that once was Constantinople. It was sunny but very windy, and the wind was cold and cut through my layers of clothing.
We hurried through the Grand Bazaar and searched the narrow streets for our hotel. Eventually, we found it down a little alley next to a mosque.
By one pm, we were asleep.
We set our alarm for three-thirty to make sure we did not sleep for too long and to go and get something to eat. We quickly explored the area around the hotel. Found a shop and somewhere to eat and then took a stroll along the water’s edge, but not too close as the waves were crashing over the wall.
We were asleep again by eight pm.
Getting our bearings in Taksim Square
Taksim Mosque in Taksim Square
Galata Tower. Just a bit too far to walk.
Fishermen on the Galata Bridge
The Galata Bridge with shops and cafes below
Nuruosmaniye Mosque above the Grand Bazaar
Ships in the Sea of Marmaris
First dinner in Istanbul
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