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Pamukkale to Fethiye
Pamukkale to Fethiye

Monday 31 January 2022

Back on the road again today. We had bought breakfast from the local supermarket the night before and had to be at the bus stop just before 09:00 to catch the dolmuş back to Denizli.
As we left the hotel, hot air balloons were already floating over the travertine terraces of Pamukkale, enjoying the morning sunshine.
We reached Denizli Otogari quickly enough and were heading for the area where the coaches had parked when we arrived a few days ago when a man asked where we were heading. When we told him Fethiye, he pointed us to a small office in the opposite direction. We thanked him and headed to the small office. In the office, several men were sitting and talking in Turkish. Nobody spoke any English. I presented my ticket to a man sitting at the counter, and he studied it for a moment before writing out a new ticket and handing it to me, pointing to a row of buses parked at the front of the office.
It felt suspicious. We thought we had mastered the buses in Turkey, but we had this ‘new’ scenario to deal with, and it seemed odd. We left the office and showed our new ticket to various drivers standing in front of the buses outside. We quickly identified the correct bus and established that we had just enough time to find the toilets and get a cup of tea before the departure time.
The bus left on time, we were on it, and there were no issues at all on the three and half hour journey to Fethiye.
Hot air balloons enjoying the sunrise over Pamukkale
Turkish tea at Denizli bus station
Our bus to Fethiye at Denizli bus station
Fethiye harbour. No snow or ice at last!
Are you tired of being stuck in the office? Bored of being chained to a desk? Counting down the days until retirement?
Me too!!