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Istanbul to Çanakkale
Istanbul to Çanakkale

Sunday 23 January 2022

Today was a travel day. We needed to get a Taxi to the Greater Istanbul Bus Station (Esenler Otogarı) and then buy a ticket for Çanakkale. It had snowed again overnight, this time more heavily, and we didn’t think the Taxis would be able to get down the steep, narrow and now icy streets. That meant we had to walk up them to the main road, which we did slowly and carefully.
We caught an Uber to the Bus Station and then looked for the Truvia ticket office. The Bus Station is large and oval-shaped with small ticket offices for dozens of bus companies. We checked online and saw that Truvia had a bus leaving for Çanakkale at 10:30 am. The Journey time was five and a half hours, and it was a ‘2+1’ bus which are the more comfortable buses with plenty of room and complimentary drinks and snacks on board. Tickets for the three hundred and twenty-kilometre journey were 160,00₺ each (£8.60 at the time). Once we had purchased our tickets, we could book the hotel for Çanakkale.
The route took us around the Sea of Marmaris and kept us on the European side right up until the last minute when the bus drove onto a Ferry and crossed the Dardanelles Strait to the Asian side and the town of Çanakkale.
Walking up to the main road
Greater Istanbul Bus Station (Esenler Otogarı)
Our bus to Çanakkale
Inside a 2 plus 1 bus
Crossing the Dardanelles Strait
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