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Porto to Matosinhos
Porto to Matosinhos

Wednesday 27 October 2021

After a few days in Porto, it was time to move on. We decided to explore more of Porto before dropping down to the Douro River and out to the coast, where the Douro River flows into the Atlantic Ocean.
Today we were heading to Matosinhos, where we would spend the night before continuing up the coast to Mindelo. The weather was perfect, and the walking was easy, with plenty of little cafés to stop for some refreshment or a bite to eat along the way.
Even though our backpacks were tiny, we managed to pack swimsuits and dry robes, so as we walked along the beachside paths, we were hoping to find a spot we could swim. Being the Atlantic, the swell and waves were pretty big!
The large sandy beach of Praia de Matosinhos was our last opportunity for a swim, so we decided to brave the big waves and have a dip. The beach was busy with surfers, but Susan and I were the only swimmers, along with another couple.
Matosinhos is a port city with a sizeable municipal fish market. Most of the restaurants are fish restaurants that grill fresh fish outside, on the street, on large charcoal BBQ’s. We are not big fish eaters and found it challenging to find an alternative. We eventually found a 100 Montaditos restaurant and decided to eat there before retiring for the evening.
Fonte dos Leões
Livraria Lello - Harry Potter fans queuing up
Ponte da Arrábida dominating the skyline
View from Torreão do Jardim do Palácio
Observatório das Aves - great for bird watchers!
Jardim do Cálem by the Douro River
The entrance of the Douro River
Felgueiras Lighthouse
Walking under the Pérgola da Foz
Great place to rest with a view of the Molhe de Carreiros
Locals playing cards at the Fort of Saint Francis Xavier
A Refreshing swim at Praia de Matosinhos

The Route

Distance : 8 Miles

We intended to walk from Porto up the coast to Mindelo over a few days, but you can also walk to Matosinhos as a day walk from Porto and return via the Metro, a mostly overground tram that runs right up the coast. We decided to walk through the streets of Porto, but you could easily follow the river if you prefer.
Click HERE for a GPX file of the route.
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