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Stari Most Bridge Divers
Stari Most Bridge Divers

Friday 02 November 2018

The original bridge was built in the 16th-century and stood for over 400 years connecting to the two parts of the city until it was destroyed during the bitter fighting in the Bosnian war between the city’s Muslims and Croats in 1993. On our recent trip to Croatia, we decided to go on a little adventure to the city of Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina. For the most part, we wanted to see the old bridge, Stari Most, as well as what was left of the old town.

Mount Srd Dubrovnik
Mount Srd Dubrovnik

Sunday 28 October 2018

Standing just behind the walled city Dubrovnik is Mount Srd (Srđ). At 412 metres it is only a small mountain. So small in fact that when I googled a list of mountains in Croatia, its name was not even on the list.

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