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Monsal Trail – Millers Dale – Tideswell Dale
Monsal Trail – Millers Dale – Tideswell Dale

Sunday 04 October 2020

After the thorough soaking we received yesterday we expected nothing less than the same today. Heavy rain had fallen during the night, but by morning the clouds had lifted, and there were signs of hope. We did our best to dry the few items left that could be dried and gave up on the rest.
Beech Croft Farm was a good site with some excellent facilities, but after our summer in France and Germany, we had come to resent the £23 price tag. Luckily, we had already paid when we had made our original booking earlier in the year and before our summer trip.
By the time we reached the start of the walk and paid the £6 parking fee, the weather was looking decidedly fair and held throughout the walk and long enough to have a pint outside at the end of it.
The walk itself is, for the most part, easy and level with only a few minor ascents but you are more than compensated for the climbs by the spectacular scenery and the abundance of facilities en-route.
Throw in some great company, and you have the perfect day.
Headstone Viaduct from Monsal Head
Final bits of kit almost dry thanks to the electric heater!
Starting the walk, my focus was clearly elsewhere!
Cressbrook. There is no light at the end of the tunnel.
Millers Dale Station. Very popular for a station with no trains or tracks!
Above Millers Dale looking over to the Nature Reserve
Litton Mill Apartments
Walking along the River Wye.
The water level of the River Why was inches from flooding the path at this point.
Climbers next to the River Wye at Cressbrook

The Route

Distance : 8.5 Miles

We started our walk from Monsal Head car park but you could easily start from Millers Dale car park or Tideswell Dale car park.
Click HERE for a GPX file of the route.
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