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Tsambika Mountain Walk
Tsambika Mountain Walk

Wednesday 17 April 2019

From the walkway to our hotel room, we had a great view of the hill behind. It is called Tsambika Mountain and sitting on the top of it is a small monastery called Kyra Tsambika.
It was a little over 3.5 miles there and back and there are some spectacular views from the top. Well worth the effort of climbing this baby mountain.
Looking for the start of the path
Getting closer. Just down here!
Tsambika Mountain – the start of the path up
Just keep heading up!
which way now?
looking back down to Kolymbia Bay
Tsambika Beach
Then only 300 steps to the monastery, Kyra Tsambika
Tsambika Beach from Kyra Tsambika Monastery
Kyra Tsambika Monastery
Afandou and Afandou Beach from Kyra Tsambika Monastery
Afandou Town centre back, E95 road at Kolymbia on the left.
Afandou Beach from Kyra Tsambika Monastery

The Route

Distance : 3.5 Miles

We walked from our hotel to Casa Cook Hotel and then followed the road between the two sections of Casa Cook to its end. From there you can see the path leading to the gate in the photo. You can lengthen the walk a little by returning via the south side path which returns by way of the col on the eastern side.
Click HERE for a GPX file of the route.
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