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Bongo Life – Isle of Sheppey
Bongo Life – Isle of Sheppey

Friday 27 September 2019

We have owned Bianca Bongo for just over two weeks now and have been itching to spend the night out in her. Unfortunately, we had a bunch of pre-arranged commitments preventing us from getting away but this evening we have managed to sneak out!
We haven’t been able to go far because we have to be somewhere local tomorrow afternoon so we have headed to the nearby Isle of Sheppey to a small campsite called LeoBay at Rushenden.
I think it is fair to say that the campsite is not quite what we imagined it would be but here we are!
This will be our first attempt at cooking and sleeping in the Bongo and generally trying to figure out if we can spend the night in her with some degree of comfort.
Exciting or what!
Are you tired of being stuck in the office? Bored of being chained to a desk? Counting down the days until retirement?
Me too!!